Your Girly Voice

Sissy training erotic hypnosis session. Trance trained and seduced by my commanding and hypnotic voice training you to use your girl voice. Trance trained to improve your girly vocal quality and become more of the girl you know you are. The sissy girl, a slutty sissy girl.  Trained though femdom hypnosis to have your mind and hormones controlled by my powerful femdom hypnosis. Feel the change, as it takes over and your hormones and dance though your body at my direction. You will be trained and turned into a a feminized sissy with a soft girlish sexy sissy voice. Left over male voices is the biggest giveaway in sissy transformations and can be the hardest to over come this session will train you and control you into having the best girly voice a real sissy voice.  Jenny DeMilo’s Sissy Finishing School lesson four: Your Girly Voice

Includes: Sissy training, sissy slut, hormone production, mind control, transformation, feminization, forcedfem, triggers, femdom hypnosis, mind control, erotic hypnosis

Listen: Your Girly Voice Preview

Length : 15 mins, 44 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00