Free Downloads

Yes, you freeloaders I have added some free downloads for your pleasure. You clamored, I listened. There’s a variety of items. I may be adding new free downloads over time so do check back. Ya’ll can stop bugging me for free stuff now.

Honoring Mistress:

Always wanted to know how you could honor me? Honoring your favorite  (ME) Mistress is a necessary part of the Domme/sub relationship. Here are a few easy ways to honor your Mistress. Follow instructions, you know you want to.


Cock Slut:

A short version of my extremely popular Cockslut session. This session is nothing short of a forcedbi masterpiece. Digitally mastered and engineered by the infamous Sal DeBain studios. Wear your headphones for this one. It’s pure ear candy and a forcedbi fetish tour de force!


Sissy Cock Sucker:

Calling all sissy sluts. You lucky little perverts. A full length Mp3 that has not been released for general sale. This is where you find this session. Nowhere else.


You have to have a Niteflirt account to download these next two freebies. They are only available on Niteflirt but its super easy to get a free account and there’s a lot of Niteflirt to enjoy. It’s a really established site and has a lot to offer.

JDM Original Sissy Hypno Gifs Freebies One

JDM Original Sissy Hypno Gifs Freebies Two

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