FAQ if your questions inst answered here reach out so I can add it to the list of frequently asked questions. Please read though them because I would be willing to bet your question is answered here.

I bought a file from you, how do I access it?
When you purchase from the BMT Micro “BUY NOW” button, you will be sent a download link  from BMT Micro with instructions on how to download your file. You must use a valid email address to receive your download link and please use a computer to download your file.

I can’t find my shopping cart
If you wish to see what is in your BMT Micro Shopping cart click any “BUY NOW” button and you can manage your items from there.

Why was I charged sales tax /VAT tax?
The laws around buying digital goods are ever changing. Depending on your location BMT Micro will charge you sales tax on your purchase. VAT (value added tax) is charged where required by your country’s tax laws.

I used a fake email when purchasing my files and cant get my download link, what can I do?
Buy them again using a real working email address. 

Can I download using a mobile device?
No, you have to use a computer to download your mp3. Please complain to Apple and not me as they are the ones blocking it.

I bought a file from you years/months/weeks/days/hours ago can I get a new download link because  [insert lame excuse here] and I didn’t back anything up.
If you bought a file within 30 days and you need a link reissued please get in touch with me though email. I will try to accommodate you. If you bought a file any longer 30 days a link reissue fee will be assessed. I reissue links at my discretion. There is no guarantee I will issue you a new link even if its within the 30 day window after your purchase. You can always buy the file a second time. Please remember to back up your purchased files. Also manners count. If you’re a rude jerk, I’m not going to go out of my way to do you any favors.

I bought a Mp3 but the download link was never sent/I tried to download but clicked the link 300 times/I’m computer impaired and I cant get the link to work/I tried to download to a game console/iPhone/iPad and now the link doesn’t work what should I do?
Make sure you used a valid email address and check your spam folder. Download to a computer (you can NOT d/l to your old PS2 and various mobile devices like iPhones or iPads, Kindle Fire or any other tablet or iPod) After you’ve done those things if you are sill having issues you can email me at jennydemilollc@gmail.com and I can reissue you a link. I am not at my computer 24/7 so if its in the middle of the night do no expect to hear back from me until business hours and remember I am on EST. Please give me 24 hours to respond to your request. 

I cant’ play the MP3 I bought using [Insert whatever MP3 player you have here]
As much as I wish I was the computer equipment fairy, I’m not. Try another player. I have no control over your computer equipment. Links to reviews of music management software

Can I get a refund / I don’t like the session I purchased/ It’s not what I thought/ I changed my mind after listening?
No, there are NO refunds. Due to the nature of how downloads are processed, the customer is responsible for ensuring their order is correct before purchasing, as no refunds are possible. Friendly fraud and abuse by disputing transactions with the issuing bank will result in immediate disqualification from future sales and you will be banned from ordering. I take fraud very seriously and will actively report cases of fraud to the local authorities for further prosecution.

Can I resell your files after I buy them.
No, you can’t. I own the copyright in all the content I produce. It’s yours to view or listen and enjoy at your leisure, they are not for resale. If you are interested in resellers license contact me at JennyDemiloLLC@gmail.com to purchase one.

Do you have a fan club?
Yes! I’m exclusively on Loyal Fans. You can Follow or Subscribe. If you do not have a Loyal Fans account you can use my link to sign up. It helps me grow on the site when you sign up with my link! Its free to sign up and follow. You can also follow me for free on Niteflirt+

Why are your prices so high?
Quality costs. I’m a well established and highly skilled professional hypno-domme. My talent and time are valuable. I dodn’t just pop up yesterday. I’ve spent years developing my talent. I also have to spend a lot of time chasing down pirated files. The amount of time it takes doing this means that my prices needed to reflect for the extra workload and all the time spent doing this. I do have the Turn In A Thief And Win A Prize program. If you find my files being shared, let me know.

I’m having tech issues, I don’t know how to use the Internet and I can’t download the file
I’ve complied the most common issues people have trying to download. Try to solve your own problem BEFORE you email me. If you have exhausted ALL these options, email me and I will try and help. I am on EST and not available 24/7 as your personal technical support. It could take up to 24 hours to get back to you. I will try to get back to you as quickly as I can. If you email me the middle of the night high on crack and send rude obnoxious emails because the Internet is confusing you, do not expect me to get back to you until business hours on the east coast. Also do not expect me to be nice!

1. Right click (if you are on a PC)  then download.

2. Try a different browser

3. Empty your cache

4. Delete your cookies

5. Enter the correct password and email address

6. Use a valid email address

7. Check your spam folder

8. Download to a computer (you can NOT download to a mobile device)

Can I meet you in person for a session?
NO. I retired from in person sessions a long time ago. You can not meet me for a session.

I’m a huge fan and want to send you a gift if that possible?
Yes, what girl doesn’t like presents. I have an amazon  wishlist  with a list of a few things I enjoy. You can also send me a tribute via Loyal Fans

How can I serve you as your personal salve?
No you can’t. You can send me a tribute or go on a spending spree to bring yourself to my attention or follow me on Loyal Fans or Niteflrit+ and I may choose to acknowledge you. Smart slaves buy things for my many horses, that’s what really gets my attention. I have no openings for personal slaves, house boys, stable hands, sissy maids or anything else. Ask and risk my wraith and scorn.

Do you have a mailing list?
Yes! I do I send out newsletters no more than once a week and when I have new sessions released. Join because there’s lots of other information and special promotions.

Join here!

How can I get in contact with you?
My email address is JennyDeMilollc@gmail.com but please don’t be annoying, I hate that.