Used Submissive Pet

Submission and bdsm instruction, femdom hypnosis trance training. Trained by erotic hypnosis in the art of obedient submissiveness. You long to be the perfect submissive, the one and only chosen to be a pet at my feet. Waiting to be used however I see fit, be it pleasure or pain. You are just a pet to be used. You will obey, you will endure. You long to be the perfect submissive pet, a used in all ways submissive pets long to be used, to be a toy for me to play with. You crave this position and will work hard to archive it. Its your ultimate goal to be a used submissive pet. trained by a cruel and demanding Mistress. Its your dream, your obsession, your destiny.
Includes: slave training, tease and denial, anal, oral servitude, mental domination, mind fuck, femdom hypnosis, female domination, bdsm instructions, brainwash, goddess worship
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Length : 15 mins, 20 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00