The Sissy Directive Series

Sissy hypnosis. All Seven of the top selling and wildly popular Sissy Directive Sessions. This bundle also includes the voice only versions of several of the sessions sessions and all the artwork for the best selling Sissy Directive series. You will get all the mp3s and all the art, everything is included.  Sissy Hypno at its finest with all the elements any sissy girl would need for complete sissy training though femdom hypnosis.
The bundle includes:
Sissy Directive Part One
Sissy Directive Part Two
Sissy Body Mod
Sissy Cock Hunt
Becoming Sissy Slut
Exposing Sissy Slut
Sissy Slut Forever
Plus bonus voice only tracks and all the art work.

Listen: Sissy directive one preview

Listen: Sissy directive part two preview

Listen: Bimbo body Mod

Listen: Sissy cock hunt preview

Listen Becoming sissy slut preview

Listen: Exposing sissy slut preview

Listen: Sissy slut forever preview

File Format : .zip (includes 7 recordings plus 3 bonus voice only tracks and all the artwork)
Price: U.S. $210.00

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