Suck Your Own Cock

  1. Amazing femdom hypnosis training for self suckers. Trace trained, addicted and obsessed with sucking your own cock, a worthy endeavor for only the most special of perverts. You think about it all the time now you can be trance trained to actually do it accomplish your self sucking goals. Hypnotized to crave it and need it. Mesmerized into putting your own cock, into your own mouth and suck, suck, suck,  you find that you must have it in your own mouth all the time. You can’t stop yourself from the need to suck your own hard cock. You’ll need to do it all the time. Finding you can’t stop thinking about sucking your own cock. It’s an obsession. You can’t control the obsession, the obsession will control you.  You long to be a self sucking cock sucker the most depraved self sucker you can be. Trained to go deep into a trance, you will hear all the triggers, drop deep, and be programed to need and want and to constantly think about ways to sneak off and to suck your own cock. You won’t be able to resist my melodic commanding hypnotic voice. This will be your new obsession. Audio in this amazing session is produced by Sal DeBain Studios. Grab your earphones.

Includes: Femdom hypnosis, auto fellatio, induction, triggers, self sucking, auto felicio, cum eating, oral obsession, mind control, erotic hypnosis, trance training,  cock obsession, slut training, mind control, brainwash, bdsm instructions, magic control

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Length : 14 mins, 27 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00