Submit And Obey Collection

Submit and obey collection. Five amazing femdom hypnosis submission addiction sessions bundled together for a price break. The ultimate submission hypnosis collection.

Submission Obsession
You Crave to be under my control. Submission is what you need. Being under a strong woman’s control is what you desire. You are addicted to submission and the more you submit the deeper you go the more you need it. Haunting and directed arousal, submission training. Trained and conditioned to be submissive. Manipulated into taking the steps to being truly addicted to submission, where you get sexual satisfaction from just being in a deep excited trance state. Addicted and obsessed with being controlled and submissive. Being under my command and control you will find it gives you great satisfaction, you in fact find you crave it. Give up all control. Find yourself doing things you never imagined.

Includes: submission, mind control, trance training, triggers, mind control, bdsm instructions, mind fuck, mental domination, female domination, goddess worship, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis

Surrender Of Control
This began as a custom request, I took his email below and created “Surrender Of Control”. It’s not for the weak of heart… be addicted, be obsessed. Listen to my voice and obey.

Hello Mistress,
I am extremely compelled to just forward my weaknesses and let you have your way. So, in no particular order here are some elements to be included (many of these I have not felt until I began listening to you):

1. Submission, addiction, servitude et cetera
2. Ass(smell, sight of – clothed and unclothed)
3. Triggers (implantation and suggestion thereof)
4. My name being used in commands (this is something I believe you did in the last recording and is VERY powerful)
5. Multiple voices using slightly detected dialog (through effects or in background)
6. Tricked or seduced into impregnating
7. Own pre-cum and cum as a “drug/act” toward further submission, arousal, seduction and addiction
8. Coerced to ejaculate through triggers (or sight/smell of ass or pussy in public or viewing pictures)
9. Cumming creates an overwhelming weakness toward you
10. overwhelming arousal when triggers are activated
11. being teased either physically, visually, vocally
12. subversive erotic training/brainwashing

Includes: femdom hypnosis, triggers, ass worship, bdsm instruction, slave training, orgasm control, ass slavery, humiliation, mind fuck, brainwash

Give Into Submission
Erotic hypnosis training. Give In To Submission. Listen to my voice guide you and get ready to submit and obey me. Submission is what you crave and need. Submission is what turns you on. The more you submit the more you crave to submit the more aroused you get. Your cock will throb and pulse to thoughts of submitting to me. Your cock will be under my control and your will be more excited then you have ever been.

Includes: submission, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, mind control, mental domination, female dominance, triggers, trance training, masturbation, pre-cum milking

Submissions Slave
You long to be the ultimate sub, a submissive who goes deep and is ready to serve all the time. It’s time for your slave training. Going so deep that you will become submissions slave. Craving and needing to be under my control, my command doing everything I want, being who I want you to be. Take the long journey to becoming submissions slave. You crave the feeling of submission, the wonderful feeling of being a real slave to a powerful women. You will get aroused when you feel the craving to serve. You will become aroused by what I want you to be, it will just happen you will be a true slave, a true submission slave.

Includes: slave training, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, bdsm instruction,  mind control, forcedbi, mind fuck, brainwash

Deep Deep Submission
You crave to be the ultimate submissive. To submit turns you on. Trained to go deeper and further then you’ve ever been before. Needing to submit consumes you. Deep mind control and mental domination. Your mind controlled by a dominate women is what you know you need. You are ready to serve all the time. Craving and needing to be under my control, my command doing everything I want, getting more and more aroused at the loss of control. Your thoughts of submitting turn you on. Excited, aroused when you feel the craving to serve. You will become aroused by what I want you to be. It will just happen you will be a true submission junkie.

Includes: mind control, mental domination, bdsm instructions, triggers, slave training, mind fuck, femdom hypnosis, trance training, female domination, JOI, masturbation
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Length : 5 mp3s
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Price: U.S. $90.00