Submissive Addiction Orgasm Control

Trance trained to be always aroused. Hypnotically controlled to begging to cum. Trained with with femdom hypnosis to feel implanted triggers as you beg to be controlled and under my dominating command. You need to be controlled, you need to have your cock controlled. You crave to have your arousal heighten to unbearable levels and then mind fucked into begging me to allow you to cum. Which I do at my whims. Denied, indulged, you never know which it will be. You will crave this control and will give up your arousal and release to me your most divine mistress. Strong femdom hypnosis for the serious submission addict.

Includes: Trance training, submission, mind control, mind fuck, orgasm control, tease and denial, bdsm instructions, triggers, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, brainwash

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Length : 28 mins, 15 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00