Stroke Fiend

Stroke Fiend Graphic coverYou’re a stroke fiend all you do is jerk off. It’s a lifestyle choice for you not just a bad dirty habit. It developed because that’s the kind of sex life you know deep down you deserve. One with your hand or anything else that gets you off alone in your lonely sad house. Jerking off alone and eating your own cum, they go hand in hand for you. You know this to be true, you can feel it n your soul. You know what you are, you know it will always be what you are.  Its your destiny to be a jerk fiend. Your intense stroke training begins now.
Includes: JOI, Masturbation instructions, CEI, cum eating instruction, trance training, subliminal suggestions, stroke addiction, humiliation, female dominance, mental domination, mind fuck, femdom hypnosis
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Length : 21 mins, 18 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00