Pay Pig Application: Assignment

Pay pig application. So you wanna be my devoted and adoring paypig? Of course you do. I don’t accept just anyone who squeals at me  begging to be my personal piggie. As my personal pay pig, money dispenser, money slave, you have to be able to bring something tangible to the table. You have to being something interesting to the conversation, something fat (as in fat stacks), something very entertaining to me, you know, like your over filled wallet.  Good paypigs are devoted and loyal to their Mistress. Good pay pigs will do anything for their most beautiful and demanding mistresses. Bad paypigs waste my time, whine and get sent to slaughter. What kinda paypig do you log to be? what kind of pay pig do you dream about being? what kind of pay pig are you? Your application is the first step in realizing your pay pig dreams. High quality pdf.

File Format : .pdf
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