Money Trance

Findom erotic hypnosis and trance training. You can feel the pull, the pull on your mind, the pull on your soul, the pull on your wallet. Mind fucked with femdom hypnosis and erotic hypnosis to drop into a deep, dark, winding, money trance. Feeling compelled to shower Me your Mistress with attention, adoration and to spoil me with gifts, lots of gifts. You want to give it all to me. It’s a compulsion. Feel the suggestions and triggers. Drop deep, and drop low. Be all you can be. Feel the arousal build the more you give in to your desires to shower me with cold hard cash.Serious financial domination. Five minute money trance loop.

Includes: findom, money slavery, mental domination, femdom hypnosis, trance training, triggers, bdsm instructions, mind fuck, magic control
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Length : 5 mins, 01 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $10.00