I Fuck You Watch

Cuckolding femdom hypnosis. Take your place at my feet, clear your mind take that first step into my world as a cuckold slave. Your training begins now. You long to be an obedient cuckold, you know its your calling. Trained to be a cuckold is what turns you on. Trained and aroused by only watching and never participating. Watching me receive the pleasure you know I deserve, the pleasure you know you can never provide. You will never measure up. Awaken your inner cuckold. Programed to only watch and never, ever fuck. You to need to only watch, you crave to only watch. Take your place, learn to be useful and serve your Mistress. Understand how only my pleasure matters. Most of all learn to obey your cuckoldress’ no matter what is asked of you. The time is now to step into the clear, cool, pond of cuckold training. It begins now with just one little step.

Includes: Cuckold, fluffing, humiliation, femdom hypnosis, forcedbi, humiliation, triggers, CEI,erotic hypnosis, trance training, mind control, female domination, slave training.

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Length : 25mins, 17 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00