Homewrecking femdom hypnosis. Your training and destruction begins now as I slowly twist and turn your life upside down and destroy your relationship. I will warp and control your mind, you will be unable to control both your actions and your new lack of interest in your wife. Taking your sacred vow and twisting it into something terrible, uncomfortable and distasteful. Unable to control how your thoughts have changed, you wont be able to control your cock. A mind and body mind fuck. As much as you wont want to be intimate with your wife, the more you will be compelled to be, the more you will in turn be repulsed by what yo find yourself doing. This session isn’t for those without a deep need for strong humiliation and life control. Turned into my plaything, you will act out in ways you once found thrilling but will now find repugnant. Your vow will be destroyed, all for my amusement.  , Extreme humiliation, loss of control of your cock and thoughts. Solidify your place, more addicted more obedient more submissive as your life is slowly destroyed and remade how I wish it to be.

Includes: homewrecking, humiliation, oral servitude, mind control, triggers, bdsm instruction, relationship destruction, femdom hypnosis


Length : 22 mins, 20 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00