Homewrecker Affirmations

Mind control affirmations. Your destruction begins now as I slowly twist and turn your life upside down and destroy your relationship. Hypnosis affirmations will help to solidify the destruction and manipulation of the relationship with your wife. Helping you to accept that you will no longer be attracted to her but yet there is no escape for you. Affirmations to warp and control your mind so you will be unable to control both your actions and your new lack of interest in your wife. Powerful homewrecking affirmations that should be listened to daily. Your relationship will be destroyed, just as you want it to. A companion recording with “Homewrecker” listen daily  on a loop to achieve the full devastating effect. This file isn’t for those without a deep need for strong humiliation and life control.

Includes: Homewrecking, affirmations, humiliation,  mind fuck, repulsion, mind control, triggers, brainwash, trance training.

Listen: Homewrecker affirmations preview
Length : 20 mins, 13 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00