Grow A Giant Juicy Ass

Forcedfem and transformation erotic hypnosis session. Transform into the feminine girl you know you are on the inside. Watch your once male and small ass grow. Grow bigger and rounder. Watch it transform into a juicy, thick, and round ass. The thick round juicy ass of your wet dreams. I can make it bigger and fuller than you ever imagined though my femdom hypnosis. I can make you see and feel the transformation of your giant juicy ass.  I control your transformation. You have no control over it. You will give that up that control to me. My demanding voice and haunting cadence drives you deep into a trance where I control your hormone production and make you grow a big giant ass. Triggers implanted deep in your subconscious. You and your ass will never be the same again. It will transform. You will feel the transformation.

Includes: Forcedfem, feminization, transformation, growth, femdom hypnosis, triggers, erotic hypnosis

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Length : 12 mins, 30 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00