Foot Puppet

Foot fetish femdom hypnosis. Trained into becoming a foot puppet. The kind of foot puppet that can only cum with the flick and the wiggle of his wives or partners sexy alluring toes. Nothing gets you hotter, more aroused and nothing makes you cum harder then being controlled by her feet and sexy beautiful toes. You long to be a true foot puppet. Nothing else matters to you. You crave to be a true foot puppet, addicted, obsessed and programed to cum only from the control of her feet and toes. This is who you are, you will accept it. You are a foot puppet.
Includes: foot fetish, orgasm control, mind control, brainwash, femdom hypnosis,  mental domination, mesmerize, magic control, female domination
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Length : 19 mins, 57 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $35.00