Forcedbi femdom hypnosis. Time to take action. Time for you to stop denying who you really are. You must accept you are in fact a fag. The secret you’ve always carried with you. Time to unburden yourself and be who you truly are. Accepting and flaunting your attraction to men is what you need to do. Take a step forward and live life like the cock loving fag you always wanted to be. It’s what you really want to do and who you really are. You are in fact a fag and you need to accept this fact of life. Drop deep into a forcedbi trance. Your mind controlled, turning you into a cock craving fag, that needs to suck cock. A real fag, a true fag an out and proud cock loving fag. Serious hypnosis training for real fags to expand their horizons and become their true selves.

Includes: forcedbi, cock worship, cocksucking, triggers, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, mind control, mind fuck, brainwash

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Length : 20 mins, 21 secs
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