Drink Your Own Cum Sissy

Sissy hypno CEI trance training. Seduced by my hypnotic voice and have your mind and soul controlled by my powerful femdom hypnosis. Feel the changes, as they take you over. Trained to drink your own cum in preparation for being a cum guzzling sissy slut, craving strangers cum and needing to drink it daily. Feel the triggers dance though your body and implant into your silly sissy mind brain. Strong direction and trance training turn you into a a feminized sissy who drinks her own cum, learns to love it and craves it from others. The more you drink your own cum, the more sissified you will be. The more training to be a cum sucking sissy whore.

Includes: CEI, cum play,  sissy training, mind control, sissification, transformation, forcedfem, forcedbi, triggers, sissy hypno, femdom hypnosis, mind control.

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Length : 19 mins, 54 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00