Cum Worship Collection

Five cum worship, CEI, femdom hypnosis Mp3’s in one zip file.

1. Cum Junkie
Cum worship femdom hypnosis session. Addicted to cum, crave it and need it. You can’t stop yourself from the desire to eat cum. Trained to need it all the time. You can’t stop thinking about cum. Trance into being a cum junkie, always trying to score your next cum fix. Drop deep into a trance, feel the triggers. You wont be able to resist my demanding hypnotic voice training you. Includes: CEI, triggers, forcedbi, erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, mind control, cum worship

2. Cum Covered Foot Addict
Foot fetish, JOI femdom hypnosis. Addicted to cumming on feet, trained to be addicted to stroking your cock to feet and cuming all over them! You wont be able to control your  growing foot obsession or your jerk off obsession. Trance trained into getting  aroused by cum covered feet. You can’t stop yourself from the desire to  coming on feet and licking it up. Drop deep into a trance, feel the triggers and be programed into a cum covered foot addict. You wont be able to resist my melodic, hypnotic voice. Includes: Foot fetish, JOI, CEI, femdom hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, brainwash, mind control

3.Cum Bath
Cum worship femdom hypnosis. Addicted and obsessed with cum, craving cum need cum. Mesmerized to have to have it. You cant stop yourself from the desire to taste cum. It’s an obsession you cant control. Drop deep into a trance and be programed to need and want and constantly think about cum. Includes: CEI, forcedbi, oral servitude, erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis

4. Cum Conditioning
Cum worship eotic hypnosis. Over one full hour of repetitive cum loving affirmations to help you get in touch with and accept that you are meant to love need and crave cum. Trained to accept your cum obsession though repetitive affirmations. Session should be listened to daily to reaffirm and condition you to accept that you need to be conditioned and trained to accept your new found love and desire for cum. Includes: Cum worsuip, CEI, forcedbi, triggers, erotic hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, magic control

5. Cum Slut
Mesmerized into becoming a cum-slut, ready, needing and craving cum. Lots of cum. Trance trained to crave it and to do anything to get it. Drop into a trance, your mind controlled. Obsessed and addicted to sticky cum. Includes: CEI, cum obsession, mind control, forcedbi, triggers, femdom hypnosis, trance training, erotic hypnosis, brainwash

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5 Mp3s in one Zip file
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