Closet Case

Powerful gay encouragement erotic hypnosis. Mesmerized and deep tranced into increasing your attraction to men, while watching your attraction to women fade away into the mist never to be seen again. Trance trained into being ready to service hard man cock at the snap of my fingers. Learn to crave cock, need cock, and want cock. Drop into a deep trance, your mind controlled by my femdom hypnosis, have your desires become MY desires. You will be turned into what I want you to be, you’re already a closet case, this session is to teach to to accept the part of you that wants men and enhance it where all you want is men, lots and lots of men and everything that means. Deep heavy triggers, subliminal suggestions, back masking, whisper tracks. All the bells and whistles in this session to turn you into what it is you know you really are deep inside and what I want you to become, unable to control your desire for men and their hard throbbing cocks. Hypnotized into accepting what you know you already are. Lets get you out of that closet.

Includes: Forcedbi, gay, bi, cock worship, male attraction, cum eating, ass licking, cocksucking, femdom hypnosis, triggers, subliminal suggestions, double tracks, erotic hypnosis, mind control, trance training

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Length : 17 mins, 02 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00