Cash Cow

Findom erotic hypnosis and trance training. You crave to be dominated by a strong women. You crave to be of service to her. You crave to be a money slave. A true cash cow for your Mistress. You know there are lots of ways for you give until it hurts. You will explore them all. You will work extra hard giving me everything I deserve, while you go broke in the process. This is your dream. You are and will always be my cash cow. I will milk you and you will moo for me with cash. You will be my personal ATM. It’s how you get off, your wallet is the only why you can be of service to your Mistress. You will be my money pit, my cash cow. get ready to be milked cow.

Includes: Findom, money slave, wallet rape, wallet draining, humiliation, female domination, mental domination, homewrecking, mind fuck, mental domination, cash cow

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Length : 21 mins, 25 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00