Bottom Bitch Part Two

Gay Humiliation hypnosis. Feminizing triggers and trance training. Extreme gay humiliation with multiple gay slurs to further put you in your place. Reinforce your place as the bottom bitch in your relationship. You’re only there to serve a bigger, stronger, better, and more studly man then you could ever hope to be. Your place is as a faggot submissive bottom bitch. You are only there to serve how ever  you are directed to. Giving up all your greedy holes. Just like the sissy faggot you were born to be. You will be treated harshly and totally trained to accept your place as a bottom bitch. Beautifully mastered session with haunting sounds and backtracks to control and train you. Triggers and post hypnotic suggestions to mind fuck you into accepting your place as a bottom bitch. Taking everything that’s dished out.

Includes: gay humiliation, forcedbi, anal, cocksucking, oral servitude, humiliation, slut training, triggers,  femdom hypnosis, slave training, sissy training, beat downs, mind control, mind fuck

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Length : 32 mins, 58 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00