Blackmail Application: Assignment

Blackmail and findom fantasy assignment. This blackmail application and contract is your first step to your financial ruin. Something you’ve longed to do secretly for so long, can now come to life. You can be ruined they way you’ve always wanted. By a Mistress taking it all, forcing you to bend to her will because you have given her all the info she needs to blackmail you into submission. Of course when i say Mistress I mean Me. Take that one baby step to your new place in life. A blackmailed findom slave. Something you’ve always dreamed about can now be a reality.  Be my blackmail slave, my money slave, forced into giving it all up or I will reveal all your secrets.  Give me the keys to make you pay and pay and pay and pay and pay. I will own your pathetic ass soon enough. Its like a dream come true for you to be this denigrated. Take the first step! High quality pdf assignment

Includes: blackmail, findom, money slavery, humiliation

File Format : .pdf
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