Bimbo Body Mod

Your sissy training continues with your bimbo body modification. You a have let yourself go and you must get back into sissy shape. The better shape you are in the more girly you are with a sexy sissy bod the more cock you will be allowed to suck. You must be attractive to men to be able to suck their hard manly cocks, you will modify your body. Serious training for sluts who need real guidance in how to be a sexy skinny bimbo sissy bitch. Your life and food will be controlled you will learn that cum is the best diet food. You will test your limits you will comply. Part three of the Sissy Directive series.
Includes: sissy hypno, sissy training, forcedfem, forcedbi, body modification, corset training, food control, CEI, oral servitude, bimbofication, slut training, mind fuck, mental domination, cocksucking, femdom hypnosis
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