Be My Bitch

Erotic hypnosis slave bitch training.  Trained to be addicted to me, you will long to be my personal bitch, to do my bidding no matter what I ask of you, no matter what it is, no matter how humiliation or against your nature. You will comply because you will be trained to be my little bitch. Craving to be my little bitch doing whatever terrible thing I ask of you. You can’t stop yourself from your need to be a bitch at my feet, craving to serve me. You wan to do what I tell you even if it goes against your moral code. Your moral code is going to change. It will change to whatever I want it to be! You will go very deep into a compliant trance, you will hear all the triggers,drop deep and be programed to be my bitch. You wont be able to resist my lovely hypnotic voice  that commands you. You will feel the triggers, you will feel them deep in your bones, put deep into your mind, your sad little fucked mind.

Includes: Slave training, bitch training, Induction, triggers, back tracks, forcedbi, gay, bi, bisexual, cocksucking, CEI, oral servitude, slut training, BDSM Instruction, femdom hypnosis, mind control erotic hypnosis

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Length : 13 mins, 42 secs
File Format : .mp3
Price: U.S. $25.00